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Edwardian Ball

I have been your guilty pleasure.

I've been your lack of restraint.

Outdoor Classes and stuff!!
Hey all,

So I have outdoor classes starting this coming Tuesday. Classes run Tues and Thurs from 6-7am, meeting initially at my studio in Powder House Circle and walking nearby. Registration and other information can be found here, but there are several sessions happening through the summer. (6, to be exact)

Until the end of March I'm running a promotion on the sessions, 20% off of them, no limit, if purchased by the end of the month before sessions start. (That is $120 instead of $150)

I'm also doing an all 6 sessions special for 25% off ($675) Email me at amber(at)giryascope(dot)com if you are interested in that, it's been pretty popular!

I've also scheduled several really cool workshops that are upcoming. The listing for those can be found here.

Just spreading the word as no matter how much I do, someone always seems to mention not seeing me talk about it =)

because most of the people I know with motorbikes are still on here...
Edwardian Ball
So Grandpa has a Honda he is fixing up. Said Honda won't fire on one cylinder. I would love to steal him, the Honda, and his Truck and get him out East for a greasemonkey outing of some level where other like minded folks are working on bikes and might give some guidance. Mind you, he's been working on bikes forever, but on his own, and this is a 60..something that he got along with a spare for parts and will most likely be mine once it's done, since Grandma is all "no way" about him driving it... anything fun coming up? (I think he'd especially appreciate girls working on bikes, just because he's a traditional sort..and that kind of thing breaks his brain in a good way) I'll bake/cook something to feed the masses as the basis for payment, and work up from there...thoughts???

Writer's Block: Almost like a song
Edwardian Ball
How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

honest, silly, passionate, intense, strong, faithful

I almost wrote loyal for that last one, and faithful doesn't quite cover it. Every word I think of sounds like an obedient pet but that's not what I am trying to convey. It's that mutual selflessness you get when you truly love someone. I want that dedication, faith, and willingness to walk across hot coals coming back to me in exchange for that same willingness from myself. I need to know I'm getting the 100% back that I am giving.

I know that now. Every second of every day. I am shown love and passion and friendship in all the small, and big ways that I need, and I am grateful for the unexpectedness and strength of this love. I know it's a lot of schmoop, but it's true. I do so love my B :)

Edwardian Ball
I am selling home made marshmallows to help defray the cost of replacing my bike which was stolen last night and is my main mode of transport. Packs of 4 large delicious gourmet marshmallows are only $5 and will be shipped via priority mail. The catch: you must order them by no later than 10am EST tomorrow (beg if you are on the west coast and wake up up late...) I will also do coordination for delivery.

Also if you order 4 bags or more, shipping is free!

Email me at mallowgeek@gmail.com if you are interested. Flavors are rum, elderflower, orange, orange chocolate, absinthe, peppermint and gin. These are made with real alcohol and are therefore "adult".

Stolen Car
If anyone happens to see a black 2 door 1999 Honda Civic Reg: 375 AM1 with a broken antennae, (as in,not there) replacement grill in the front (no "h" emblem) and an apple sticker on the back and MIT west garage parking sticker in one of the side windows and a Somerville zone 1 parking sticker on the front window, please let me know? My car was stolen last night from the intersection of Conwell Ave and College Hill with a bunch of our Outdoor Challenge Equipment in it, and of course our deductible on our homeowners which would cover the equipment is $500 which is only a bit more than the 17 abmats we just lost, and money we just invested into our growing business. *sad face*

And before anyone lectures me about keeping things in the car, what exactly would you do when you live in a nice quiet neighborhood near Tufts, have a class at 5am at a local park, and live in a 3rd floor walk up? I pre-load my car every night for the next day so my neighbors don't hate me.

I'll be honest, it was the car and not what was in it that got it stolen, it's an Si, so the wanted her engine. Not her other contents.

Anyhoo, if you see her, call the Somerville Police at (617) 625-1600 and drop them a tip, as we've checked the local tow registries and a report has been filed. Thanks.

(and feel free to rebroadcast)

This facebook twitter thing.
You know what? I've spent a long time realizing no matter what I do, anything I set free out into the internets will be findable at some point, either by people not being careful with their own logins, or my own mistakes, so I just don't put anything out there (typically) I wouldn't want to get loose in the wild.

That said, you are ALLOWED to retweet or facebook anything I post on here that is business related you want to help promote. I appreciate it mightily and thank you in advance. Most of the time I post these things to Twitter and FB anyway, but signal boosting doesn't hurt!

Arlington Community Education and Mountain Strength Fitness!
Edwardian Ball
So many of you have said you'd like to take one of my outdoor classes, but couldn't fathom the idea of getting up early, I've got a solution for you!

We're doing an outdoor class for Arlington Community Education this September, and we'd love to have you join us for our Autumn Outdoor Boot Camp.

The press release is here.

And the page for registration information is here.

The classes will be running on Tuesday and Thursday evening at Robbins Farm Park from 9/21 to 10/28, come out and join us!(and possible special guest rock star assistant coach on Tuesdays!!)

I highly suggest..
Edwardian Ball
Getting the new Hybrid album, if you're into such things. They got a singer/songwriter to work with them and it's just..really amazing. The album is called Disappear Here, and the song of the same name is just fantastic, and is absolutely my recent earworm.

lyrics belowCollapse )

In other other news, while driving home from CT the other weekend I had an odd reimagining of I want you (She's So Heavy) by the Beatles done in ENSMB style. Too bad I can't arrange worth crap.

What is amazing?
Seeing, hearing, feeling so much hope around me. So many people following their dreams, regardless of the rotten lemons that the world keeps tossing at them. So many people growing dreams past what they already are and reaching further forward.

You are all amazing.

You all amaze me.

I am proud to call these amazing people my friends.

We're taking over the world, one restaurant, gym, massage, dress, photograph, idea, and dream at a time.

Free Outdoor Intro Class tomorrow!
If you've been curious about the outdoor class I run, I am doing a free class tomorrow am from 6-7. It should still be fairly cool out, so please, come on by! I'm trying to somewhat keep track of numbers, so do let me know if you intend on attending!